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Excellent articles on the Papacy Firmillian, bishop of Caesarea in Asia Minor (256 AD), in his letter to Cyprian ( # 74) calls bishop of Rome Stephen’s claim to be bishop of bishops “an open and manifest folly” (section 17) Firmillian and Cyprian … Continue reading


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Hermeneutics: New Testament Priority

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Making sense of the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

Making sense of the Ravi Zacharias Scandal – David Wood, linked to at Triablogue. David Wood seems to have analyzed the situation really well. Wood’s video is long, but worth the listen. “Take heed to yourselves . . . ” … Continue reading

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Scientists speak out about the evidence for Intelligent Design in creation which points to an Intelligent Creator

Scientists from around the world speak out about the convincing evidence of purpose and intelligent design they see in nature. Explore more at

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The Qur’an calls Jesus “a Word from God” کلمه / λογος

See Addendum and Clarification at the end. I had originally entitled it “the Word”, but the definite article in Arabic is not in the text of the Qur’an. I should have titled it, “The Qur’an calls Jesus “a Word from … Continue reading

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علم تفسیر (Farsi form) علم التفسیر (Arabic form) = “The Science of Interpretation”

Originally posted on Apologetics and Agape:
Credit goes to a Christian named “Frankz” who posted this video in the com-box of Paul Williams blog. [no longer there; Williams deleted his blogs several times]  I appreciate Paul Williams letting this video…

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A Wrinkle in the Practice of Reformed Infant Baptism

Originally posted on Chris Whisonant:
Briefly today, I would like to respond to the statements in a paragraph in Dr. Clark’s latest blog post. After posing a question that he received from someone, Dr. Clark gives us an introductory paragraph…

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