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How did we get the Biblical Canon?


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Refuting the “Messianic Secret Argument” against the historicity of the gospel of John  

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Does the Bible teach that there is only one God or many gods?

One God or many gods? at Triablogue Steve Hays provided an excellent quote by Bruce Waltke that refuted Peter Enns’ comment and some liberal theologians/commentators about “many gods”. Then I added some comments: (edited here a little for smoothness) Was … Continue reading

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Reliability of the New Testament Text

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Dr. James White teaches on the reliability of the New Testament Text.

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What can we learn from the Jordan Peterson phenomenon?

This is an excellent analysis of the Jordan Peterson phenomenon (the massive response, good and bad, from many on social media, his You Tube videos, interviews with left-wing journalists, and his best selling book, “12 Rules for Life”).¬† Alastair Roberts … Continue reading

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About the Canon of Scripture and church history

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Canon Revisited, by Michael J. Kruger Michael J. Kruger has some excellent books and a very informative¬†web-site on the issues on the New Testament canon. I recommend his book, Canon Revisited for people wanting…

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15 Early Church Christians who used the word “Trinity” before 325 AD

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