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Dr. White’s excellent analysis of William Lane Craig & Andy Stanley’s apologetic approach & analysis of Surah 9 in Islam

The article by Al Mohler mentioned and quoted from by Dr. White: See also these 2 excellent articles: (Related to the first half of the Program) Our Lord Jesus Christ’s View of the Old Testament Scriptures, by John … Continue reading

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Where Did Jesus say, “I am God; Worship Me” ?

The written text and argument, along with the video, by David Wood.

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John 17:1-5 and John 3:16 points to the doctrine of the Trinity.

Paul Williams, a British convert to Islam, has another article seeking to cause doubt on the Deity of Christ and the doctrine of the Trinity.  But you left out the context of John 17:3, which is John 17:1-5. Jesus spoke … Continue reading

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Does the teaching of Jesus differ from the apostle Paul?

Does the teaching of Jesus differ from the apostle Paul? Paul Williams, a British Muslim, who loves to use liberal theologians and skeptics in his argumentation; and Dr. Bart Ehrman, the famous apostate and agnostic textual critic, claim that Jesus’ … Continue reading

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