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What scholars and other skeptics and Muslim “apologists” (those who give Da’wa and defend Islam) ignore

As you listen, please open the Bible, and stop and read the passages and think about them: John 1:1-5 John 1:14 John 20:28 Dr. White makes a great point – “he said to him” – εἶπεν αὐτῷ – clearly “My … Continue reading

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Revelation 5:9 – Daily Dose of Greek

Revelation 5.9 from Daily Dose of Greek on Vimeo.

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Response to Georg Kaplan on Trinity and Gregory of Nyssa, Jesus as Theos, Ignatius

My response to a guy named Georg Kaplan (A Unitarian, and he has made many videos and arguments against the doctrine of the Trinity and the Deity of Christ, who has recently come over to Muslim Paul Williams’ blog and … Continue reading

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Study the Scriptures in Original Languages

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