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Balancing the common claim that the Copts and Miaphysites welcomed the Arab Muslim Invaders

Always treated with immense suspicion the narrative of Miaphysites of Egypt and Syria welcoming Arab imperialism in lieu of Byzantium. Akin to the bs of the supposed “tolerant cosmopolitanism” in Arab/Maghrebi occupied Iberian peninsula. — Romanos I Lekapenos (@Lekapenos) … Continue reading

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Zeitgeist Film Debunked: Jesus is not a copy of pagan gods

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The Overwhelming Historical Evidence defeats Islam

Excellent article by Dr. Mike Licona on the historical evidence for the crucifixion and death of Jesus, which defeats Islam and proves it is a false religion.

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How did we get the Biblical Canon?

  Also, What is the Apocrypha?   Also, see here for lots of other resources on the issue of the Biblical Canon from a Protestant perspective.  Additional important comments on the canon existence in the first century and the process … Continue reading

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Empires and Missions (19th & early 20th century missions) (expanded on July 30)

A very interesting lesson from church history, by Robert Godfrey of Ligonier Ministries. Here are some notes I made:  (with expansion on July 30) Empires and Missions Robert Godfrey Late 19th and Early 20th century. As Empires spread, so … Continue reading

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Comparing Synoptic Gospels with extant copies of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

In order to understand that argument, read this article about all the different copies and printings that we have extant of Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address”; and it is easy to image that the Synoptic Gospels took their eventual shape in … Continue reading

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Historical Testimony for Jesus’ Death and Deity

The Death of Jesus and the Defeat of Islam: The Early Church Fathers on Jesus:  

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