Intro lecture to the Canon, by Dr. Michael Kruger, Phd.

The Intro lecture that Dr. Michael Kruger gave to “The Canon”, is very helpful and a great start to a course that has been really needed for all Christians.

An interesting background to this is that Michael Kruger was a student of Bart Ehrman and so what he learned from him motivated him to study the issues deeper and refute him.  Yes!  Kruger refutes Ehrman quite well.

His analysis of Walter Bauer and the influence that Bauer has had on liberal theology in this century – his theory that early Christianity was a diversity of Christianities of equal validity (Montanists, Gnostics, Marcion, Ebionites, Sabellians, Arians, etc. ; and the subtle jump that liberals and skeptics make and think “diversity means that no one knows which view is right” and “the winners of theological wars got to pick which canon of Scripture would win”, etc.   Bauer’s theory has had massive influence on “The Jesus Seminar” (John D. Crossan, Marcus Borg, Robert Funk, many other liberals, “5 Gospels” book that includes “The Gospel of Thomas”), Bart Ehrman, and Elaine Pagels and others who peddle various forms of the “DaVinci Code” type of propaganda and lies, is very helpful.

The whole course looks great.  Looking forward to working through it, as God allows me the time.

Kruger’s web-site / blog.  “Canon Fodder”

Kruger’s three excellent books that deal with these issues:

Canon Revisited.


The Heresy of Orthodoxy.  (Response to Walter Bauer’s theory)


The Question of Canon


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