Dr. White’s correct rebuke of Robert Morey (and Part 2)

More rebuke to Robert’s Morey’s attitudes towards Muslims. (Part 2)  Dr. White is right!

Dr. White addresses Robert Morey’s attitudes and behavior and argumentation in the last half of program, after other issues such as a split in the Calvary Chapel association of churches, and looking at John 1:1-5 and 1:14 and 1:18 and the Incarnation of Christ.

For a Christian to say that we should bomb (or nuke) the Kaaba, and believe that that somehow is going to destroy Islam, is a very very dangerous and unChristian attitude.

Addendum: (December 20, 2016)

Also, I found later some quotes from Dr. Morey’s book that he even wrote that the USA (or western powers ?) should bomb the cities of Mecca, Medina, (not just the Kaaba, but whole cities!) and that Israel should take out the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem!  It is hard to believe that Morey wrote this.  I think Dr. White and others are correct that for the USA or the West or Evangelical Christians to support such a thing, would unify the Muslim world (Sunnis and Shiites) in an all out Jihad and it would be a massive World War 3, if political and military leaders took Robert Morey’s advice.  He should be ashamed of himself.  We already have enough trouble trying to convince Muslims we don’t hate them and we love them and want them to experience the peace and joy and love of knowing the true God, the God of the Bible, the Holy Trinity (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), which can be a reality by true repentance and faith in Christ as their Savior and Lord.   Jesus said, “Repent and believe” in Mark 1:15.


From the link at Paul William’s cite.  I just want to make sure that this is documented and not deleted somehow.

From an article that Sam Shamoun provided: He not only called for bombing the Kaaba, but also the whole cities of Mecca, Median, and also the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Sick and shameful.

By Robert Morey:

“The path to Paradise, according to the Five Pillars of Islam, involves the city of Mecca and its stone temple called the Kabah. Muslims pray toward Mecca five times a day. What if Mecca didn’t exist anymore?”

“They must make a pilgrimage to Mecca and engage in an elaborate set of rituals centered around the Kabah once they arrive. What if Mecca and the Kabah were only blackened holes in the ground?”

What if Medina, the burial place of Muhammad was wiped off the face of the planet?
What if the Dome Mosque on the Temple site in Jerusalem was blown up?

“With American ships stationed all around Arabia and troops on the ground within Saudi Arabia itself, it would take about 7 minutes for cruise missiles to take out Mecca and Medina. These cities could be vaporized in minutes and there is nothing the Saudis or any other Muslim country could do to stop us. The Israelis could take out the Dome Mosque at the same time. It could happen so fast that no one would have the time to respond. With these surgical strikes, FEW LIVES WOULD BE LOST. And, with three strikes against them, Islam is out!”
Robert Morey

Calling for bombing the Kaaba and asking the question, “what if Mecca didn’t exist anymore?” (The whole city of Mecca !!!) clearly would mean that lots of innocent civilians would be killed.

He claims that “FEW LIVES WOULD BE LOST”.

Yeah, right; just like all the trouble we have had with all the other wars and how Muslims are upset by all the collateral damage and civilians that get killed.

This is not something a Christian should be saying or writing.

Shame on Robert Morey.

Apologetics and Agape

In the first 26 minutes of this program . . .

All Muslims should listen to Dr. White rebuke Dr. Robert Morey for several things:

  1.  saying that the west should nuke the Kaaba;
  2. his behavior and attitudes toward Muslims, and
  3. his silly argument that the God of Islam, “Allah”,  is the “moon-god” of ancient Arabia.  Even if the ancient Arabians called one of the idols “Allah”; the argument does not work, because the doctrine of Allah in the Qur’an and Islam since around 613 AD is basic Monotheism.  That argument is like saying the ancient Goths and Germans used the word related to our word “God” today in English, therefore “God” of the bible is the pagan deity of the ancient Goths.  (the first 25:43 minutes of the program; after that Dr. White addresses Reformed theology issues.)

Robert Morey should be ashamed of himself and repent of his behavior and…

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