Does 2 John 1:9-11 forbid hospitality outreach in our homes?


  • Over at Triablogue, in an article about the Dr. White/ Dr. Qadhi “Inter-faith dialogue controversy and Dr. Qadhi’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood type of agenda:

    A Christian commenter who goes by “Royal Son” wrote:

    “We are not even supposed to invite people into our HOMES if they want to teach heresy  2 John 1:10,  so your point about the dedicated temple is simply a smokescreen.”  “Royal Son”


     My response:
  • One of the main ways to reach Muslims is through hospitality and having them in our homes with a meal and then having a discussion. (both oversees in their culture and here in USA) Street preaching and passing out tracks is fine, but those are not the only ways to do Biblical outreach. I don’t think 2 John 1:10    applies to evangelistic outreach to new and unreached unbelievers. It does apply to people who where church-members, claimed to be Christians, started teaching false doctrine in the church or tried to, and were then either ex-communicated or left the fellowship, as in 1 John 2:19. “going too far” and “not abiding in the doctrine of Christ” 2 John 1:9-11 seems to be about apostate false teachers who are deceptively trying to enter into the church (again); not about totally new unbelievers and false teachers.

    2 John 1:11 cannot mean “don’t greet a Muslim” or other false religionists, that would contradict Matthew 5:46-47.

    Even someone who has been disciplined and ex-communicated; it is possible to still talk to them, only that the church member makes it clear up front that the only thing they are going to address is their need for repentance and reconciliation. (Matthew 18:15-20)

    see my 2 John 1:9-11 roundup posts, if interested:

    See my other comments about the civilizational Jihad and Muslim Brotherhood type stuff:

    I saw this late.
    Of all the criticisms of Dr. White’s dialogue, yours Steve is probably the best. (taken along with the other posts you have done and my interaction)

    . . . as Spencer pointed out in his debate with White, is that Qadhi’s opposition to ISIS does not imply that Qadhi is opposed to terrorism. Rather, it only means that Qadhi belongs to a different Muslim faction.

    Spencer and others say that Qadhi and CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood types are “stealth Jihad” and “civilizational Jihad” – using our gracious laws, political correctness, left-wing coalitions until the Muslims have a majority; and then they start doing physical Jihad, etc. ( I agree that that does seem the agenda of Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, and if Qadhi agreed with that, him too – I have also written on that before
    see here: (2011)

    ); but the MAIN point is still Dr. White is not waiting until that day might happen 50 years from now after we are dead to try and do some kind of outreach to Muslims such as Qadhi and the other Muslims who attended and who were at the second night in the 2 part dialogue. Dr. Qadhi as a Muslim may want to use our gracious laws and political correctness to advance Islam in our democracy, but I don’t see evidence of him wanting to do violent Jihad NOW.

    It is legitimate to ask Qadhi questions about those issues; and challenge him, etc. (But I thing they should come in a second meeting, after those first 2, by priority of spiritual truths, and then those issues, if he even allowed that kind of debate or questioning or dialogue. The problem of the tension in the 2 communities is that once a Christian starts asking questions about those issues; most Muslims respond with liberal talking points of bigotry, racism (though not accurate, they still throw it out, Islamophobia, or something about Trump or right wing politics – overall, Dr. White avoided all that stuff to get to the essential spiritual issues) and I did not know the details of his connections until Spencer and others documented them; but the point is still we cannot wait around until all those other future conditions exist or we gather information on him about all his conference ties and speeches before at least gaining a few meetings where there is opportunity to explain the main doctrines of Christianity.


  • I prefer what you say to what White says! 🙂

Also, I have written on “Civilizational Jihad” or “Stealth Jihad” before, back in 2011:

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